What If?

Alessandro Hamuche
2 min readDec 2, 2021

02/Dec/2021 04:27 — Hi journal. Got a letter from my pal yesterday. Seems like he’s determined to become a soldier. Says he’s made friends and that he’s trying to overcome his struggles. My pal’s a passionate person and yes I do miss him.

02/Dec/2021 04:30 — Looking back, I wish I could have done something to help him. How could I? He never told me about his hardship. Similar to what happened with Henry and Patricia, I do regret non-interference sometimes.

02/Dec/2021 04:32 — Henry is likely to remain admitted for the rest of his life. Patricia passed away. Now my pal is off in some passionate rampage trying to be a hero — his own hero.

02/Dec/2021 04:33 — Afraid, yes I am afraid to stand between my pal and his destiny. His determination carries so much intensity I feel it could crush me sometimes! I do appreciate something he said on his letter, “it takes courage to find happiness”. Happiness, journal, happiness.

02/Dec/2021 04:35 — It’s about happiness. Yes, it takes courage! I hope my pal writes back as soon as he’s stationed. I have so much to hear from that chatter-box.

02/Dec/2021 04:37 — My pal and I have known each other for years. He’s always been one to suffer in silence… Deceptive in his own way. Behind the shadow of his mask, it’s not difficult to find that he can be a pleasant individual. I believe we can all be pleasant individuals nonetheless, supposedly that ought to make me biased.

02/Dec/2021 04:40 — It’s not worth it, journal. To impose deficient expectations on someone. My pal seems to be on that path where he might just be able to… outgrow his limitations. Those impedances he so subtley included in our sessions on: what ifs? imagine this or that, I wonders…

02/Dec/2021 04:44 — Yes journal, my pal and I are lost in our own expressions. Him fantasizing about a legacy and I fantasizing about a different past.

02/Dec/2021 04:45 — Oh my journal. I’m not getting into that. I have said enough. Thanks, journal.



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