Alessandro Hamuche
1 min readDec 10, 2021

10/Dec/2021 04:21 — Good morning journal. Had trouble sleeping last night. Seems as if that insomnia was not acute but rather indicative of chronic-form. I’m thinking of taking a more humble path to decrease my anxiety below threshold (which allows me to shutoff for those few hours at night).

10/Dec/2021 04:23 — Not sure exactly how I might solve this issue yet. In any case, I am confident that if there’s a way then I’ll find it sooner-later.

10/Dec/2021 04:24 — A full night’s sleep… Gone. What a waste of time, journal. Without mentioning all this wear-tear from shuffling under the covers.

10/Dec/2021 04:25 — Truthful I remain to this exercise. It has helped me since the first day… Journaling. Has allowed me to pick myself up and keep walking. A wise person once told me and I think it was my pal, “run if you want to catch up, rest when you’ve gone too far”.

10/Dec/2021 04:27 — I sure miss that spontaneous nuisance he was. How random… I remember him talking of spontaneity as if it were some highest form of expression.

10/Dec/2021 04:28 — Like improvisation from Jazz music players, or sketches from improv actors — spontaneous… Spontaneity, a sharp tool reserved for bright minds.

10/Dec/2021 04:29 — Am feeling worn-out and tired, journal. Might call in sick today. Thanks, journal.



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