Skipping Stones

Alessandro Hamuche
1 min readAug 3, 2023

I was taken with a violent splash
When the water caved below where I stood.
The waterfall made my splash feel smaller -
But I sunk heavily towards the bottom.
That’s where I remained for however long.
I used to have angled edges —
Now they too have gone.
How did this happen?
The water has been dragging me down-and-down…
Every time I go with this flow
I disturb a surrounding sediment,
And also leave some behind.
Years go by — I am nothing like I was.
I am a washed-up small pebble.
I have not made it to the river’s delta.
I rest at the margin feeling misplaced
Because the river used to flow here and curve —
Now the water is quiet.
As if I became once more abandoned by fate.
First a big boulder — now a lonely pebble
In a drying-up lake.
Again I get used to change,
The days are warmer and nights are colder.
I am noticing movements at moments…
Different echoes surround me.
Who-or-what is picking me up now?
I have not been at such height from this ground ever.
It is dark now all-of-sudden,
And I’m shaking in that darkness.
Again suddenly I am back at that same light!
I hear chatter of something skip-skip-skip.
Once-twice-three times… Laughter!
Oh no, here I go…
I am spinning and being jettisoned.
Skip-skip-skip… I am a skipper -
What a thrill! Now I am back with the water -
Sinking to the ground-bed, happy.



Alessandro Hamuche

Allowing myself to be continuously guided by those values I cherished and cherish.