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2 min readDec 5, 2021


05/Dec/2021 04:25 — Good Sunday morning to this journal. Another week gone by and I’m back here with that lingering feeling. Opposite to my contrition this past week!

05/Dec/2021 04:27 — Sundays… I used to think Sundays were for relaxation, but have been proven wrong by my experience lately. This very day is the designated start of a week; it’s the first day. Monday is the first “work” day according to convention, journal. I believe those who properly interpret that the finish line is a Saturday, these people might know something about practicality.

05/Dec/2021 04:30 — I’ve been thinking of my experience, journal. Indeed after some forty years struggling with all kinds of challenges, I have found that wisdom was never far from the event. Wisdom is simply the denoument of an event, a by-product of my experience.

05/Dec/2021 04:32 — Epistemology, journal. The school-of-knowledge is a branch of Philosophy and other sciences as well. Knowledge is at the foundation of development. Organization? Im-possible if the observer is not keen on knowledge (or events).

05/Dec/2021 04:35 — Yes journal, a scientific approach does exist to this most abstract of events: knowledge. I am hoping to one day go beyond that terrain… Beyond knowing. Maybe one day reach the distance travelled by sages. The wisest of beings — sages — in my opinion.

05/Dec/2021 04:37 — There… I imagine it being a land beyond my struggle. Where the infinitesimal expression of my life shines for years or decades after my light has faded.

05/Dec/2021 04:38 — Yes, journal, seems like I caught my pal’s bug… Am talking about legacy! Pond would surely be proud of me for thinking teleologically — looking ahead, blind of a past.

05/Dec/2021 04:40 — I hope he’s safe wherever he finds himself, my pal. The military needs people with moral fibre. People willing to put hate aside and do the right thing.

05/Dec/2021 04:42 — That’s only my iatric-view of it all, journal. You and I both know it’s a zero-sum event.

05/Dec/2021 04:43 — Thanks, journal.



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