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3 min readNov 27, 2021

27/Nov/2021 04:36 — Hello journal. Yesterday’s detour cost some of my well-being then. I thought maybe my plan had accounted for spontaneous events with loose allowance. I went to bed exhausted and past my time. Am starting the day later now, as you may notice from the timestamp. In any case this is a good reminder of how one event may influence the next.

27/Nov/2021 04:40 — Similar to racing cars in a circuit. If the pilot or driver does not perform properly a curve, then it will become likely that he or she will not perform the subsequent curve properly as well. One curve affects the other. The summation of the driver’s or pilot’s performance will return his tardiness in the race.

27/Nov/2021 04:44 — I am not partaking in ponderation again, journal. Would like to talk about myself. Try and let ponderation sit for a while.

27/Nov/2021 04:45 — Exhausted last night. Troubled sleep before starting the day. Dreaming about… Well, dreams may be complicated.

27/Nov/2021 04:45 — Dreamt that I travelled with my aunt. She was excentric to say least. In the dream, we met at a funeral. The following descriptions, be advised journal, are to be interpreted the way dreams occur: one event is disconnected from the next.

27/Nov/2021 04:48 — We met at a funeral… We set to travel… The police shows up asking about contraband… Suddenly I find out her ‘cheap’ luggage was filled with ‘not-so-cheap’ items… I’m in Turkey, Istanbul maybe and have an epiphany of sorts…

27/Nov/2021 04:50 — Although there are overlapping events in this dream where I travelled with my aunt, theres an even broader disconnection in their juxtaposition.

27/Nov/2021 04:51 — Dreams, according to Pond, are not so meaningful for the mind as it is for the body. What happens beyond the display is most important: maintenance. It is during last night’s sleep cycles where my body was properly given a chance to repair itself, without having to deal with agitations and/or anxieties. Tissues from each organs were able to receive their share of oxygen and other resources, so that I could perform the race (my race) according to purpose (my purpose).

27/Nov/2021 04:55 — Yes, indeed maintenance, that continuous service happening with each heartbeat and breath… That continuous improvement I overlook at times. That continuity, which is the basis of my being. Between birth and beyond, I believe.

27/Nov/2021 04:57 — In any case what is the meaning of all that display? Travelling with my aunt? Pond explains it is useless to try and fixate on those events. From imaging tests we have conclusive evidence of the ‘brain storm’ which happens at every sleep cycle. From wavelength progression to cycling progression. Conscience may become confused trying to interpret these events. Surely the exercise can be positive and empowering. Solutions to problems are always a step in the right direction. However regarding SCI’s approach, Pond believes they put too much emphasis on interpretation and not enough on that continuous service.

27/Nov/2021 05:03 — What I want to make clear, journal, is that sleeping is also subject to peripheral response (even more so given progression). It will be during sleep when neural pathways are tested and re-tested until the last moment in the last cycle. Each past event’s imprint from those hours awake… Those fresh connections, trying to hang-on to that chain of mnemonic events… Those will be tested. Should the centrifugal force become a burden, then those connections will not be saved and ‘mind’ might forget.

27/Nov/2021 05:09 — The display, then is simply symptomatic. The true reference is found when I wake up. When I figure that I am well rested or not. When I listen to ‘body’.

27/Nov/2021 05:10 — Look at the time, journal! I have things to do! Good morning. Thanks, journal.



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