Alessandro Hamuche
2 min readNov 25, 2021

25/Nov/2021 03:54 — Hello journal.

25/Nov/2021 03:55 — According to meteorological forecast, today might even be cloudless. That nearest star will grace this city with his, her or it’s appearance.

25/Nov/2021 03:58 — Perspective. That’s where I’m getting at. The sun does not revolve around this planet, it’s quite stationary if we don’t complicate things. Namely I am the one gracing the sun with my appearance today; I am the one revolving.

25/Nov/2021 04:01 — This idea, where I am at the center of it all… It is centuries old. It marks that point in history where artists introduced perspective to canvas.

25/Nov/2021 04:03 — Was it not obvious from the start that perspective is subject to positioning and distance? Why then did it take so long for this event to baffle society?

25/Nov/2021 04:05 — Seems like the answer can be interpreted in many ways. Here’s a take on it: organisation. From those drawing in caves until the age of perspective, people were building and re-building and learning and re-learning. It takes time to abstract and find that most useful event, the most critical utility for development.

25/Nov/2021 04:09 — I might have read or heard somewhere that processing and mnemonic capacity has not changed much (if at all) between now and thousands of years ago. So what is this most critical utility which generations of people have been using to get us to this day and age?

25/Nov/2021 04:11 — Let me think. Let me be critical about this. How can I practice that approach which therefore enables me to — simply — be?

25/Nov/2021 04:13 — From the utterance of, “uga-boogas” to typing on keyboards, so much has changed linguistically. Although processing and mnemonic faculties could be said to have had negligible delta, something has changed intrisically. I believe this change could be interpreted symptomatically.

25/Nov/2021 04:16 — The bombardment of information, data, events, notifications. When does one relax from being intensely reactive?

25/Nov/2021 04:18 — I diverge, journal. Wanted to talk about my day and instead became ponderant. Thank you for your patience, journal.



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