Alessandro Hamuche
2 min readDec 3, 2021

03/Dec/2021 04:01 — Hi journal. What’s learning? Is it simply to be aware of some lesson? I’m confused journal.

03/Dec/2021 04:03 — With so much at my disposal through somatic-events: hearing, touch, smell, taste and sight… Why do I continue repeating discrete mistakes?

03/Dec/2021 04:05 — Was I not aware of the mistake in the past? Why am I not learning from those events?

03/Dec/2021 04:06 — It seems, journal, that my definition of learning might need adjustment. Learning and awareness do walk hand-in-hand. Those mistakes I mentioned happen mostly (if not all) when I’m distracted from “the now”. Unfortunately, I only notice I erred after the fact — also distracting me from “the now” then!

03/Dec/2021 04:08 — Watching any sporting event from playing cards to aesthetic choreographies to high-contact, it becomes easily noticeable how distractions may have consequences. The football being crossed over requires attention from the one receiving (or intercepting). The dancing squad must be aware of the timing. That poker player, should he or she miss an opponent’s tell (worse even to become distracted and manifest his or her own tell!) there will be consequences.

03/Dec/2021 04:12 — Beyond my comprehension lies my influence. Seems to me now that learning IS awareness. In other words, to be present wherever I find myself. Un-complicated by past errs.

03/Dec/2021 04:14 — I might make a note out of that, journal. I’ll probably note on today’s plan, “Be-aware!”.

03/Dec/2021 04:15 — I like it that “Be-aware!” is similar to “beware”, sort of punning. If I’m distracted from “the now”, then I better “be-aware” to not make a terrible mistake. “Be-aware, be-aware Sidney!”

03/Dec/2021 04:16 — Ok, journal. I know… enough is enough. Good day! Thanks, journal.



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