Alessandro Hamuche
1 min readDec 4, 2021

04/Dec/2021 04:32 — Hi journal. Another Saturday before sunrise. Had a tough week gone by and hope things will improve in time. I find it best, since exercising journaling, to remain unaffected by that which lies beyond my influence.

04/Dec/2021 04:34 — SCI and the team have been working on ways to strengthen conditionings based on Pond’s finding.

04/Dec/2021 04:35 — I cannot interpret how adding — more so — to their knowledge on interfering with someone’s pursuit of happiness will bring them (or societal) prosperity.

04/Dec/2021 04:37 — Yes, journal, my naivité is sometimes a weakness. Returning to SCI should have not been an option, yet here I find myself… Beaten again.

04/Dec/2021 04:38 — I don’t know, journal. Really. Should I just observe without doing anything? Let ignorance implode the institute?

04/Dec/2021 04:40 — I’m no hero but I’m a strong believer of that which has kept us going — humanity or civilization — for so long. From the stone age to our most abstract moment in time.

04/Dec/2021 04:42 — Artificial intelligence, journal.

04/Dec/2021 04:42 — Thanks, journal. Have a good one.



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