Fine Comb


I have always been able to notice you since
That first moment I went to La Combe
I saw three girls sitting on a bench…
I shied away probably most likely when
I noticed Aleks’ looking at me.

Yes I never really was that absent minded
Even when I forgot to say your name… A’a?
And you flipped — almost. Even that time you
Said I might regret… Events — scars. Unlucky
Was this cat when she crossed my path.

But now things have changed — yes for the best!
That first impression I had, and then learning
More about you in some shed… Or maybe that
Time I noticed your glare. Subtle remarks I
Did pick up.

Joining together I found a beautiful girl
Behind the reflection she yearned to attain
On mirrors which remain… Un-biased -




Alessandro Hamuche

Allowing myself to be continuously guided by those values I cherished and cherish.