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2 min readNov 24, 2021

24/Nov/2021 03:36 — Hello journal. Yes, it is earlier than usual for me to exercise journaling. I am not sure what happened, got out of bed slightly earlier — not out-of-ordinarily early; within my domain. Performed my usual tasks and still am about this hour earlier to journal. In fact, I was just sitting and hesitating because I was afraid to journal so soon.

24/Nov/2021 03:39 — I suppose there is always a first time for anything. Got a letter from my pal today, well an electronic-letter to be more specific. He spoke of joining the army.

24/Nov/2021 03:41 — He has been having his troubles, I have been having mine. Sometimes I felt distrust amongst us, not sure why. There’s some interference going on. I better focus on what lies within my influence however. It is not my business to venture into my pal’s affairs.

24/Nov/2021 03:45 — Have been unsuccessful with my side-project so far. Tried a few candidates yesterday with no luck. Something peculiar happened with the second candidate. The candidate refused to rightfully interpret the moment.

24/Nov/2021 03:47 — Refusing the present… I wonder. If I were to regress from an induced design, it would seem the candidate is lacking in some area. Similar to steering right or left, we become lacking of what lied straight ahead of us. There might be too many unknowns. I am afraid I cannot jump to conclusions any longer for the candidate has been deemed inapt.

24/Nov/2021 03:50 — The project is lacking. I wish to “be” the project and remain lacking as it is, but that would not be fair to me (or those involved present-future). The project is it’s own entity, as am I. Surely we influence each other… With my efforts the project moves forward. With the project’s acclaim or failure, I gain a reputation. I am not the project, I am not the success, I am not the failure. The project is not my effort, it is the result of effort.

24/Nov/2021 03:55 — Have been eating fruit, journal. Apples, bananas, plums, even avocados! Have not done the avocado-toast recipe those millenials enjoy so much. Am in favor of trying it. Yes, my first time eating avocado-toast… What should I expect from it? Which type of toast should I go for, soft or crunchy? And the avocado, should I add salt, olive oil, black pepper and just smear it on toast? How much avocado-toast is enough for breakfast? Oh my… So many questions; my head spins.

24/Nov/2021 04:00 — Yes journal, about SCI. I may have mentioned there that I’m planning on leaving. My peers and the board are too invasive, evasive, deceptive, un-reliable… Pick one, Sidney! I am unsatisfied and wish to leave SCI.

24/Nov/2021 04:03 — Am hoping my side-project will be that guiding light out of this darkness. Maybe a sunrise to a new beginning.

24/Nov/2021 04:03 — Thanks, journal. Good day.



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