Alessandro Hamuche
2 min readNov 29, 2021

29/Nov/2021 04:04 — Hello journal. I hope today will be a good one. Not sure what’s going on but the sudden weather oscillation might have gotten to me. Woke up tired and slightly lethargic. I don’t want to complain about this because I’m coming from acute insomnia (few weeks back).

29/Nov/2021 04:06 — Did a whole lot of catching up on the subject of sleep. After having implemented some practices I read about and discussed with colleagues, my condition has improved significantly.

29/Nov/2021 04:08 — You already know that journal, after all you were my first step out of that ditch! Thanks, journal.

29/Nov/2021 04:08 — Lethargic and in pain as well. I hope it’s not that hernia I’ve been dreading. Might take things slow today.

29/Nov/2021 04:09 — Got some important issues to resolve at SCI. As head of Pond’s research there, I have certain responsibilities to attend to. One of these responsibilities is in knowing which tasks to delegate.

29/Nov/2021 04:12 — Every time I partake in delegation I remind myself of the story about the intelligent horse and the dumb donkey. Here it goes…

29/Nov/2021 04:12 — Once upon a time… There was an intelligent horse and a dumb donkey. They lived in a farm and helped a farmer with daily tasks. The intelligent horse one day came up with the smartest plan, “I’m calling in sick, I don’t want to work today.” So the intelligent horse played sick and the farmer had to perform daily tasks with the dumb donkey that day. The next day, the intelligent horse called in sick again. And again the dumb donkey had to work for two. And then the next day, and the next… The farmer had to make a decision one day, “Poor horse, he’s miserably sick all the time.” BANG! Then it was just the farmer and the dumb donkey. The end.

29/Nov/2021 04:17 — Moral of the story: if I’m running away from my responsibilities or delegating improperly, I might as well be that horse.

29/Nov/2021 04:18 — Thanks, journal.



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