Alessandro Hamuche
1 min readApr 5, 2022

Devotion From Across
What I’m asking for is too much — he looked and said to himself across
A mirror. He wanted his devotion and last act of bravery amping him most.
Imagination increasing those possibilities, he settles for knock-out laid.
My total devotion, interior fire… Beyond my very eyes? Goodspeed bade.
Yes unless Devotion is at her side, not mine — make of it as you will-sire.
At Devotion’s cost ties were severed. Thin is the thread of all morals.
Laid bare we dared her to stay — Devotion ran her way across his skin.
I am your morals, she said. She dared interject for devout surround florals.
Soft — ouch! — thorns following the edge spooked her from me — poor
Solitary lost not found — given to externals, Devotion beyond my sight.
Fire pressing impressed he the looker through the mirror where she stood -
Devotion in absolute form takes hold of the looker like dogs to a bite.
Be gone ye who invoked motivation per Devotion, the Divine hidden
She so humbly spoke that he so humbly left. Devotly he bade in silence ridden.

Alessandro Hamuche

Allowing myself to be continuously guided by those values I cherished and cherish.