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2 min readNov 26, 2021

26/Nov/2021 04:05 — Hello journal. Have plans for today, similar to previous days: breakfast, go to work, lunch, go back to work and eventually home. I will be doing a slight detour today on my way back home.

26/Nov/2021 04:08 — The team at SCI is becoming increasingly confident with the imaging results. Seems like neural pathways are subject to electromagnetic distortions (from continuous stimulation) the way parallel wires experience each other in circuitry.

26/Nov/2021 04:10 — The greater the pulse, the greater the peripheral response. These peripheral patterns suggest an explanation to that, “sub-conscious”.

26/Nov/2021 04:13 — In any case, we are there to prove Pond’s take. There is no “sub-conscious”, meaning that collateral involved in the intensity from a pulse is subject to conscious build-up.

26/Nov/2021 04:14 — As I pondered, looking at a sticky-note. How revolutionary, how interesting the apparatus. One sheet of 76mm by 76mm with just enough adherant to… pile-up sheets and sheets with their share of this adherant.

26/Nov/2021 04:17 — The glue is strong enough to chain these sheets, forming a collective. The chemist, I’m not sure of the story, but this person was searching for a “super” adherant. He or she tested, and tested… From his or her most practical approach and sustainable behavior, had started using some of these “failed” formulas for better use. One of those rejected formulas became the popular adherant to these sticky-notes.

26/Nov/2021 04:20 — Similar to the build-up which forms the sticky-notes, neurons too have their way to communicate with each other.

26/Nov/2021 04:22 — The adherant in this case would be what lies between each neuron. The way they communicate, the way they “stick” to each other. For these neurotransmitters to behave properly, it would become imperative for the subject to rightfully interpret his or her situation.

26/Nov/2021 04:25 — How can Pond help tackle etiological causes to atrophy or schizophrenia?

26/Nov/2021 04:27 — We are not sure. For now we will continue observing and taking notes. Eventually, I hope we can find the formula to relax the constriction; to make subjects happy again.

26/Nov/2021 04:28 — The detour is part of this process. Need to evaluate a test: pass/fail and non-demanding.

26/Nov/2021 04:29 — Thanks, journal.



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