Alessandro Hamuche
1 min readDec 15, 2021

Sure let it be… Let’s have

Fun across the pond. Make

A toast with good wine -

Saluting clever lines! Oh my,

I wonder, I do wonder what

This breathing does… Blow-

Ing smoke and other things.

Will it stretch? From across

That distance between us…

Will it stretch and eventually

Thin-out and break? I do

Wish I’ll keep the longest end.

I do sincerely wish to just

Keep on walking away.

Tomorrow will always be

Uncertain. Yes, maybe no!

Pulling rope… I do wonder

Who’ll fall on that filth, again.

I bet, I bet, I do want to bet

Frankly that you’re un-able to

Eat that sponge or sea-urchin…

Wait what is that? It has a lamp

Sticking from it’s forehead? Huh?

Weird, weird it’s all so very weird.

You never knew this but there’s

Sewage all around us. The sea

Over here is green! Not blue like

The sky or pebbles we give a

Price to. Yes, yes, yes… Money

Is green too. In the end it’s all

From Yap!

They used to be heavy stones.

They used to represent that a debt

Would be paid. Should the stone

Have fallen like that necklace to

The bottom of an ocean… Hahaha!

How stupid! The owner will always

Be it’s owner!

[Just now — SP. 16h20. 12/15/2021]



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