Alessandro Hamuche
1 min readApr 6, 2022

An Exclusivité Exquisité
She pondered through forests the nymph in the dark she strolled away
Danger never near for she is danger in it’s most daring form. She strikes!
Like Φ (fi) not Ω (omega) she clears puddles rain and torments nearby
A thunderous flash — kaboosh! So near to her the sonic-boom clears before light.
A nymph naked standing on levelled ground steaming smoking dirt surrounding
She is not lost — she is seeking. A true hunter to defile nature’s innocence
She unbares and rolls with the steps of her destructive path. Hot coals are
The petals of her arches. Steams on the ground as she presses in-elegance.
No sentient dares meet the undaring. Beauty best kept far from the sharing
Light. She is not lost, she was sent to find escape in the botanical exposit
That she reaped with her blasts. In no time not even the hedgehog is found.
Pigs squealing squirming insects and loud cries and screeches…
Zaramastra the destroyer nymph said to the Nile — of colors just black.
Zaramastra mother of inanimate, mother of scathe bathes in dark.

Alessandro Hamuche

Allowing myself to be continuously guided by those values I cherished and cherish.