I am a Buddhist -
Life is an epiphany in itself.

Learning epistemologies and other complicated

Words or faculties... Takes ease.

Subject is the reference.

Object is the matter.

I annotate - I verbate;

Subject and object simultaneous -

Spins my wheel...

Truth is vague.

Unrealities in mine are…



Funny was a dog — not a sheepdog -

Golden brown fur. I loved hugging

Her — that funny collie! I swear!

I swore! That other dog, funny looks

But not quite like that collie. I’d

Rather stay light than worn down

By that… Other funny looking dog.




I have always been able to notice you since
That first moment I went to La Combe
I saw three girls sitting on a bench…
I shied away probably most likely when
I noticed Aleks’ looking at me.

Yes I never really was that absent minded
Even when I forgot to…



He’s a sniper. One shot kill!

From far-far-away… Still.

Until a prey shows up.

Empty, serene his breath goes


That brief moment — between

Emptiness and filling his lungs

With vitality… BANG! Shoots

A prey from afar.

He forgets all about his

Camouflage. Goes away to

Check — is…



I won’t insist to dig and dig

And dig… To search or plant

Or understand what… Or say

That which I thought!

Rats! Rats! Rats! Not mice.

Rats eating me away… Gnawing,

Gnawing and gnawing… I

Was aware if it all.

Mice are more conservative. As

If they were hamsters…



Cruisin’ on my jet, there

With my winged friends.

Suddenly out-of-the-blue

Sky! A swarm of Russian

MIGS! Evasive maneuvers

Initiated. Pew, pew, pew…

Oh no!! They took one of

Us out! Hurry, where’s that

Maverick fellow? This zone

Is too dangerous! Pew, pew,

Pew! Take that… Umm…

Hottest MIG ever…



Alessandro Hamuche

Alessandro Hamuche

Allowing myself to be continuously guided by those values I cherished and cherish. http://alfahamuche.blogspot.com/